Crooked Stream Homestead welcomes you

We are just small rescue farm in Western Pennsylvania, supporting our activities through our craft business.

In 2019, we embarked on a journey with two unexpected goats, and little did we know that it would ignite a deep passion within us for animals. As time went on, we ended up with more rescues and now have a farm of chickens, ducks, exotic birds, goats, and more! We realized that we wanted to continue doing this, along with learning more about a simpler life as a homestead. We started trying out smaller crafts and hobbies to learn new skills and have found joy in many different interests over time.

We decided that we wanted to expand our reach and maybe try to educate others on the way through our experiences, both good and bad. We also, use this place as our home goods store, so that we can sell our increasing inventory of crafts and hobbies to fund our farm. We hope you enjoy what we do!

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